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Umpire Quotes:

"The best umpired game is the game in which the fans cannot recall the umpires who worked it. If they don't recognize you, you can enjoy your dinner knowing you did a perfect job."

"Any umpire who claims he has never missed a play is...well, an umpire. "

"Umpire's Heaven is a place where he works third base every game. Home is where the heartache is."

"I knew he was out. I had called him safe. I knew it was a mistake, but I thought it was a correctable mistake. If that means eating crow, I'll take mine medium rare."

"How could he be doing his job when he didn't throw me out of the game after the things I called him?"





About NSA Umpires



  1. Sanctioning Fees - $75.00
  2. Game fees - (vary from region to region)
  3. Each sanctioned umpire will receive a sanction number and sanction card directly from NSA Canada.
  4. Uniform:
    There is a uniform price list on our web site and it is very important all our umpires are properly dressed. To order a uniform, fill out the form on the web and submit to NSA Canada or mail the form along with payment. We will also make sure each director has order forms. The proper dress is as follows:
              Official, clean white or red umpire shirt
              Black slacks or shorts
              Official black umpire's hat
              Black shoes
              Official black umpire's ball bag
              Official wind jacket
              Official spring/fall jacket
              Official rain suit
              White or black socks
  5. National Director of Umpires:
    Scott Surridge: (403) 590-4900 or If you have any questions about umpires or procedures, please contact him.
  6. Mandatory:
    It is mandatory that all umpires attend their local clinics, as this is where we work on attitude, procedures and general umpire information. As a director, make sure you advertise your local clinics.
  7. Clinics:
    A ll NSA umpire clinics are generally 2-day clinics, but in some circumstances, we can reduce this to a 1-day clinic. The cost will vary, depending upon the location, but generally it costs approximately $40.00 per umpire plus local association fees and NSA Canada Sanctioning.
  8. Registration Form:
    To apply to become an NSA Umpire fill out our online registration or alternatively, each area director will have registration forms which can be filled out and sent to Head Office, along with the required fees.

Incident Report (XLS)
Evaluation Form - small 2 up (PDF)
Evaluation Form - large 1 up (PDF)


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