NSA Canada Slo-Pitch 2023 Co-ed World Series in Kamloops is confirmed a Go!!

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch Coed World Series Update August 22nd 2023 (Coaches Dar will email you all this evening)

As promised, we have actioned all items on our list and spent the last 2+ days on the phones communicating with the various touchpoints.

At this time, we have been able to confirm a lot of positive is occurring and all involved with the event are ready to work with us to ensure the event continues in Kamloops. A massive shout out to the City of Kamloops, the government officials and the team at Parks and Recreation for the incredible support and communication.

We were waiting on confirmation of the news we received a couple of hours ago related specifically to the travel ban. The news just released that the travel ban has been lifted (with the exception of West Kelowna) allows us to make the decision to move forward with the NSA Canada Slo-Pitch 2023 Co-ed World Series understanding that going concerns are out of our care and control as it pertains to other fires, weather etc. and we will continue to update on information shared out of the premiere’s office during the next 10 days.

This is not the answer everyone is looking for and we respect each of you having an opinion, but with positive steps taking place and reason for optimism on several fronts we have a responsibility to keep moving forward. We understand if teams are unable to do so and we respect any and all decisions that teams, players, family members must make that are in your best interest.

Thank you to all the frontline workers and to the thousands that are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe, sheltered, healthy and with full bellies. Please all that have been impacted know that we are thinking of you and sending wishes of well being.

Please all be safe and we will continue to work hard, responsibly and with consideration for all and the NSA Family looks forward to seeing you in Kamloops!!



NSA Canada Slo-Pitch


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