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NSA Canada Slo-Pitch “Built by Players for Players”

2021 National Update

NSA Ball Community, Sponsors and Volunteers

We as a Nation, as a ball community and as individuals have endeared much these past 15 months. Let us take this moment to acknowledge all the individuals that have lost loved ones during this pandemic and please know that our hearts are full for each in every one of you.

Many questions and comments have been directed our way and as one of the largest Slo-Pitch organizations in Canada that supports and helps facilitate slo-pitch to the 3.5 million adult Canadians that play the game, it is incumbent upon us to address them as best we can. Please understand that political opinions, or individual beliefs are not for us to address or comment on, we are not politicians so we are not sidestepping any questions; however, nor are we going to respond with rhetoric, we simply are not in the opinion business.

Our priority is the health and safety of all our members, participants, sponsors, volunteers and staff. No grey area exists for us when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing. Our position is such that we strongly support that wellbeing also includes sporting activities and social engagement with friends, loved ones and teammates. This is why we have not canceled any of our National, Provincial, or charitable summer events. We have rescheduled some and will undoubtedly reschedule more but to make the decision to cancel these events at this point would be premature for NSA. We have a responsibility that we take seriously, to the ball community, to our sponsors, to our volunteers and throughout the 100’s of communities across the country. In many cases the small local businesses count on NSA to bring in much needed revenues and due to the last 15 months this is even more critical now.

Our commitment to you the ball player is this. When we get the green light and are comfortable that the health and safety of our community is in place, in a Province, in a region etc. we are ready to go coast to coast. We continue to outlay expenditures securing facilities, rotating dates and we will continue to do just that as each of you deserves this. We will be making upcoming announcements regarding Provincial events and no these will not be cancelations, they will in some cases include date changes to ensure proper time is given for individuals/families to plan. Either way we are moving forward with our plans to have a shortened but amazing summer tournament schedule in 2021.

As for individual league play and decisions that impact each of you on a regional level, please continue to communicate with league conveners, schedulers and league board members, as well as your Regional Director. We are here to assist in any way possible and we will continue to support league play as each area begins.

Please should you have any further questions reach out via email to:
[email protected]


NSA Canada Slo-Pitch “Built by Players for Players”

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