NSA CANADA’s policy will be to respond to allegations against NSA Canada leagues, tournaments and membership for any incidences (i.e.: accidents, property damage, diseases (COVID-19) etc.) the same as it would have previously.

NSA CANADA will respond to defend it’s membership from allegations that a person may have contacted COVID-19 through an NSA sanctioned League, Tournament or Event.  Our membership will be protected in defense or settlement up to a limit of $50,000.00 should an allegation arise.

As with all liability claims, it is incumbent upon the person bringing the claim to prove negligence on the behalf of NSA Canada and its membership.  As such we are focusing on the measures following.

The main focus is to ensure, should someone bring a claim forward, that NSA Canada leagues, tournaments and membership will have a strong defense by illustrating that due diligence measures (and communication of the risks) have been taken.

Neil H. Hogg, B.Comm, FCIP, CRM
Account Executive – Partner
Toole Peet Insurance

NSA Canada Leagues, Tournaments and Membership Responsibilities

  • Information and questions around the rules and regulations to return to play can be found on your various provincial websites. NO leagues will be allowed to play without approvals from their local, regional and provincial bodies approving the start of league play.
  • The assessment of risk around any league play should take the following into effect:
  • What’s the best way to limit injury or risk to your league returning to play
  • What’s the best way to not eliminate risk but to mitigate risk.
  • With Covid-19, as a league you should review our NSA Canada Social Distancing Guidelines and your Provincial Guidelines and apply the guidelines that will best protect your league membership to minimize the chances of anyone becoming infected with Covid-19.
  • If you are an umpired league, please ensure your umpires receive a copy of your Covid-19 related rules and are instructed to enforce them.
  • NSA Canada also requires:
  1. Your organization follow all rules and regulations as set out by your local, regional, or provincial government.
  2. Your organization require all league and tournament members to register on the NSA Canada Player Classification, as it requires them to acknowledge they have read and agreed to our waiver.
    1. Waivers are legal document.
    1. The registration process takes less then a minute if you do not want to insure your members register then create a league specific waiver using the provincial guidelines and have all players sign it.
  1. Create signs to remind people on how to act (physical distance, washing hands, etc.) should be posted at various areas of your building and/or property and kept in place during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Any employees and/or volunteers should have a plan in place on how to act if they see someone not following your organization’s rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.