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NSA Ontario Umpire Program Adds To The Team

It is with great pleasure and excitement that NSA Ontario is adding the following responsibilities to Kim O’Malley and Ken Caron’s portfolios.  These two individuals have played a vital role in the growth of NSA in Ontario with their hard work and professionalism.
Kim has been an umpire, assigner, area UIC and director for NSA for many years and has continually worked hard on building and retaining a stable of Umpires in the Brampton and GTA area. Kim’s dedication to the program is second to none. If there is a way to find new umpires, Kim has probably done it. Kim has graciously accepted/volunteered for her new role, even though it will be difficult as we come out of this pandemic. I know she is up for the challenge and will succeed in finding new ways to grow the umpire program.  If you have any question’s about how to recruit umpires, please ask Kim.
Please welcome Kim to her new role as
Deputy Umpire in Chief – Recruitment and Retention for Ontario.
Ken has been an umpire, assigner, area UIC and Tournament Director out of the Hamilton area for several years. We have seen the Hamilton area grow from about 5 umpires to well over 50 now. This is due largely to Ken’s presence in the area.  His calmness on the diamond is also shown off the diamond. His crew of umpires have a great deal of respect for him, and he has become one of the many umpires that I count on for leadership at our Big Three Events in Hamilton. I leaned on Ken last year when I had to step away from Hamilton for a day and he passed the test with flying colors.This announcement is long overdue but finally done.
Ken’s main responsibilities will be assisting me in Hamilton with the Big Three Events and continue to grow the program across the province.  
Please welcome Ken to his role as
Deputy Umpire in Chief – Ontario
Jim Shorley (DUIC Ontario) and I would like to thank Kim and Ken for all their hard work in the past and for accepting these new roles.
Rob MacGregor
DUIC Canada
UIC Ontario
NSA Canada

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