NOV.10, 2021

2022 Dome WORLD SERIES – 3 Locations in Ontario

Registration is now open for the 2022 Dome World Series in Whitby, London and Hamilton ON, Feb 18th to 21st, 2022
We are offering Men’s/Women’s/Coed divisions with no conflicting games
There is limited spots for this event so Register early at www.nsacanada.ca

Nov.05, 2021

2022 Indoor World Series – Okotoks, AB

Registration is now open for the 2022 Indoor World Series in Okotoks AB, Feb 18th to 21st, 2022
We are offering Men’s/Women’s/Coed divisions with no conflicting games
There is limited spots for this event so Register early at www.nsacanada.ca
Sept.16, 2021

2021 World Series Men’s & Women’s and Ontario Provincial Update


NSA Canada Slo-Pitch in Partnership with NSA Canada Ontario and NSA Canada Quebec are proud to welcome all the Teams from across this great Country to the 2021 NSA Men’s and Women’s World Series Championship.  

We have had an overwhelming number of registrations and have recently closed registration and have started a waiting list for those that may still wish to participate.

At this time if you have not submitted an approved roster along with payment we will be reaching out in an orderly fashion to those teams that are on the waiting list.

We are so excited to be returning to Hamilton and have missed each of you so much. The event this year will be a chance for all of us to do what we love doing and we at NSA are pleased to be giving every player at every level a chance to compete for what truly is the National Championships in Canada in 2021. 

Details related to the schedule of events, will be posted on the website today, please review as the information will also include Covid Response Planning, Maps, Bat Testing Schedules and so much more.  

NSA Ontario Provincial World Series Championships 

For those wishing to participate in our NSA Ontario Provincial World Series Championships scheduled for October 1st – 3rd (which will also include our first ever SPFA Ontario Provincial Championship) registration remains open; please click on the home page poster for the event and then click register: We are accepting registration for all divisions of Men’/Women’s and Coed.

We hope to see you in Hamilton.


NSA Canada Slo-Pitch en partenariat avec NSA Canada Ontario et NSA Canada Québec sont fiers d’accueillir toutes les équipes de ce grand pays au Championnat du monde masculin et féminin de la NSA 2021. Nous avons eu un nombre écrasant d’inscriptions et avons récemment fermé les inscriptions et avons commencé une attente liste pour ceux qui souhaitent encore participer. À ce stade, si vous n’avez pas soumis de liste approuvée avec le paiement, nous contacterons ces équipes de manière ordonnée qui sont sur liste d’attente.

Nous sommes ravis de revenir à Hamilton et chacun d’entre vous nous a tellement manqué. L’événement de cette année sera une chance pour nous tous de faire ce que nous aimons faire et nous, à la NSA, sommes heureux de donner à chaque joueur à tous les niveaux une chance de concourir pour ce qui est vraiment les championnats nationaux au Canada en 2021. 

Les détails relatifs au calendrier des événements seront publiés sur le site Web aujourd’hui, veuillez les consulter car les informations comprendront également la planification de la réponse à Covid, les cartes, les horaires de test des chauves-souris et bien plus encore.


Championnats provinciaux de la série mondiale de l’Ontario de la NSA

July 08, 2021

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch “Built by Players for Players”
Press release


We are pleased to announce that we are able to move forward with The NSA 2021 Men’s and Women’s World Series in Hamilton Ontario. However, in order to ensure the event is played without the encumbrances that are currently in place we are officially moving the date to September 24th, 25th, 26th, 2021.  

We believe we owe the entire Slo-Pitch Community the opportunity to participate in all our marquee events and have taken the necessary steps to ensure this occurs. Please see below for the update schedule of major events in Ontario for 2021. 

Revised Schedule of Events

September 3rd – September 6th 

NSA Canada Eastern World Series Featuring Men’s / Women’s / COED – Divisions A through E 

Niagara Falls Ontario

September 24th – September 26th

NSA Canada Men’s / Women’s World Series Divisions A through E

Hamilton Ontario

October 1st to 3rd 

NSA Ontario Provincials Men’s / Women’s / Coed – Divisions A through E

NSA SLOPITCHFORAUTISM COED Provincial Championships “Be the first ever NSA SPFA Provincial Champion”

Hamilton Ontario

Please note:

The NSA Eastern World Series is open to all residents of Canada

The NSA Canada Men’s and Women’s Worlds is open to all residents of Canada

The NSA Ontario Provincials will be open to residents of Ontario Only


June 01, 2021

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch Saskatchewan 2021 Provincial Update


We have officially moved the 2021 SK Provincial event to July 17-18, 2021.
We have done so with the cooperation of the Prince Albert Slo-Pitch League and Lakeland Ford Park.
By moving the date this will enable you, the ball player, to enjoy the full experience of an NSA Provincial Championship and we are so excited to be coming to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan


May 05, 2021

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch “Built by Players for Players”
2021 National Update


NSA Ball Community, Sponsors and Volunteers

We as a Nation, as a ball community and as individuals have endeared much these past 15 months. Let us take this moment to acknowledge all the individuals that have lost loved ones during this pandemic and please know that our hearts are full for each in every one of you.

Many questions and comments have been directed our way and as one of the largest Slo-Pitch organizations in Canada that supports and helps facilitate slo-pitch to the 3.5 million adult Canadians that play the game, it is incumbent upon us to address them as best we can. Please understand that political opinions, or individual beliefs are not for us to address or comment on, we are not politicians so we are not sidestepping any questions; however, nor are we going to respond with rhetoric, we simply are not in the opinion business.

Our priority is the health and safety of all our members, participants, sponsors, volunteers and staff. No grey area exists for us when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing. Our position is such that we strongly support that wellbeing also includes sporting activities and social engagement with friends, loved ones and teammates. This is why we have not canceled any of our National, Provincial, or charitable summer events. We have rescheduled some and will undoubtedly reschedule more but to make the decision to cancel these events at this point would be premature for NSA. We have a responsibility that we take seriously, to the ball community, to our sponsors, to our volunteers and throughout the 100’s of communities across the country. In many cases the small local businesses count on NSA to bring in much needed revenues and due to the last 15 months this is even more critical now.

Our commitment to you the ball player is this. When we get the green light and are comfortable that the health and safety of our community is in place, in a Province, in a region etc. we are ready to go coast to coast. We continue to outlay expenditures securing facilities, rotating dates and we will continue to do just that as each of you deserves this. We will be making upcoming announcements regarding Provincial events and no these will not be cancelations, they will in some cases include date changes to ensure proper time is given for individuals/families to plan. Either way we are moving forward with our plans to have a shortened but amazing summer tournament schedule in 2021.

As for individual league play and decisions that impact each of you on a regional level, please continue to communicate with league conveners, schedulers and league board members, as well as your Regional Director. We are here to assist in any way possible and we will continue to support league play as each area begins.

Please should you have any further questions reach out via email to:


NSA Canada Slo-Pitch “Built by Players for Players”


APRIL 22, 2021

NSA Canada slo-Pitch is proud to announce a 5 year sponsorship agreement with northam beverages of vancouver, bc


NSA Canada Slo-Pitch have agreed to a sponsorship and promotions agreement that names Northam Beverages the Official “Refreshment Beverage” Sponsor of NSA Canada Slo-Pitch. All NSA Canada events, facilities and on-premise activities will feature the following Northam Brands: PYUR BEVERAGES, HEY Y’ALL! HARD ICED TEAS, VIRTUE LEMONADES, and LONETREE DRY CIDERS.

NSA President and CEO Terry Sibbick is excited and proud that Northam Beverages understands the importance of the slo-pitch market and the value in partnering with NSA Canada to promote their products to this market. “Adding PYUR, VIRTUE, and LONETREE to our current HEY Y’ALL! offering at NSA Canada World Series Events, Leagues, Tournaments and Okotoks On Deck Recreation Park will be a win for us all! These 3 great new brands will expand our product offering and bring us another major step closer to ensuring the best overall experience at all NSA Canada events”

NSA Canada wishes to thank the entire team at Northam Beverages Ltd. for the incredible commitment, further development, and belief in the Slo-Pitch community coast to coast, and the “Built by Players for Players” movement.

About the Beverages:

HEY Y’ALL! HARD ICED TEAS In the South, our tea is always served iced & hard. Brewed with genuine black tea and lightly sweetened. For summer barbecues and front porch sippin’

PYUR BEVERAGES Only 90 calories, unsweetened, gluten free, PYUR is the vodka soda with all-natural ingredients. POWER YOUR UNIQUE REALITY.

VIRTUE LEMONADES virtue wholesome lemonades are made with all-natural fruit flavours.  Tangy, refreshing and less sweet than traditional coolers. virtue lemonades are non-carbonated for easy drinking, classic summer refreshment. 

LONETREE DRY CIDERS Our authentic dry ciders are crisp, natural and real – from apples that are crushed and fermented, then filtered fresh, clear and pure – much like a premium quality wine. We know you’ll taste the difference. 

March 31, 2021

The fourteenth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2021.

Joined by the international community, hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world will come together on April 2, Autism Awareness Day, to Light It Up Blue in recognition of people with Autism and those who love and support them.




March 01,2021

Return To Play / Social Distancing Guidelines

These guidelines are general and are based on an example of 25 people allowable. You can adjust the document to reflect the Provincial and Local regulations and restrictions in your area.
Here to review the Return To Play / Social Distancing Guidelines

February 28, 2021

Click Here to read about NSA Insurance and COVID-19 

February 15, 2021

NSA to re-launch the 2021 British Columbia Coed Provincials

Tournament Capital Ranch in Kamloops, BC will be the venue for this returning event.
Registration is now open.
For more information click here

February 10, 2021


NSA Canada has been actively monitoring the continuing evolution of bat standards and was interested to learn that USSSA has changed their commencement date of the new bat testing standards from July 2020 and has extended it indefinitely.

NSA Canada as a program wants to ensure that you, the participant, stay informed as to how these changes will affect you and the products you have purchased or will do so in the future for league and tourney play.

With NSA Canada and other national programs using the lower density ball, we have always been at the forefront of participant safety, which is the primary reason for these upcoming rule changes.

Whether we agree or not with the new standards due to these North American changes, it will be what the bat manufacturers will follow due to the huge influence of USSSA in the market.

These manufacturers are a major part of our program and we will ensure that as always moving forward, NSA Canada will listen to all parties involved to continue to have the best program for all.

NSA Canada is going to continue to review the situation and make an informed and final decision on the bat standards once all the information becomes available in our market.

We currently have sanctioned the new testing standard as well as the grandfathered standard indefinitely, but will reserve the right to make changes to this process moving forward based on any informed info that may arise and impact all parties.

Thank you for support and see you on the fields!

Thanks for supporting NSA Canada!

February 04, 2021

NSA is proud to announce the 2021 NSA Saskatchewan Coed Provincials

Hosted by P.A. Slo-Pitch League and NSA Canada
For more information click Here.
Registration is open

February 01, 2021

Introducing the 2021 Western Canadian Super Series

Tons of Bux and NSA Canada are proud to present the all new “Western Canada Super Series
 The events will be held in Calgary and Okotoks, AB
This is a three event Series with Division and Overall Point Series Champions to be held in Calgary, AB

*Men’s Divisions  *Ladies Divisions  *Coed Divisions

Registration for event #1 is now open.

For more information click Here.


November 18, 2020

Click Here to read about the 2021 NSA Indoor World Series

 November 17, 2020

Click Here to read our Thank You letter


 May 4, 2020

NSA Canada releases guidelines for the return of Slo-pitch Leagues

Click Here to read more.


2021 League Benefits / Tournament Packages

Upcoming Events

2022 NSA INDOOR World Series
Feb.18-21, 2022
Okotoks, AB
Coed, Men’s & Women’s Event

2022 NSA DOME World Series

Feb.18-21, 2022
3 Venues, 3 Cities 
Whitby, London and Hamilton, ON
 Coed, Men’s & Women’s Event

Registration is now open. To register for events please click on the event poster at the top of our homepage.


Rule Changes