February 15, 2021

NSA to re-launch the 2021 British Columbia Coed Provincials

Tournament Capital Ranch in Kamloops, BC will be the venue for this returning event.
Registration is now open.
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February 04, 2021

NSA is proud to announce the 2021 NSA Saskatchewan Coed Provincials

Hosted by P.A. Slo-Pitch League and NSA Canada
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Registration is open

February 01, 2021

Introducing the 2021 Western Canadian Super Series

Tons of Bux and NSA Canada are proud to present the all new “Western Canada Super Series
 The events will be held in Calgary and Okotoks, AB
This is a three event Series with Division and Overall Point Series Champions to be held in Calgary, AB

*Men’s Divisions  *Ladies Divisions  *Coed Divisions

Registration for event #1 is now open.

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January 25, 2021

2021 Western Canada indoor World series – postponed

With the ongoing uncertainty of when restrictions will be lifted we have made the decision to postpone the 2021 Western Canada Indoor World Series.
In working with health authorities and communicating with the facilities management team at the Field House we simply cannot ensure the safety of all participants,
and we are unable to get confirmation that we can run the event with concessions, bathrooms etc. as the Field House remains closed to the public.
 This event is very important to NSA Canada and all of Western Canada, our historical participation includes teams from BC, AB, SK, and Manitoba and without clear definitive confirmation that the event is a go it would be reckless and irresponsible for us to continue down this path, focused on the existing date. 
We are working with the field house, and a local dome here within the City of Calgary on possible dates to run this event prior to the end of the winter season. We will update if and when we get that confirmation. 
NSA Canada Slo-Pitch

January 14, 2021

new date for dome world series (Locations – Whitby, London, Hamilton Ontario)

It is with great sadness that we must announce the postponement of the 2021 Dome Series originally scheduled for Feb 12th – 14th. Our hearts are heavy, and our thoughts are with all that have been and continue to be impacted by this pandemic.
We understand the desire for all to get back to physical activity, social engagement, hell what we all wouldn’t give to be able to high five, fist pump or even a simple hug right now. With all this in mind NSA Canada Slo-Pitch has a responsibility to our Slo-Pitch community which not only includes all the ball players and families, but also includes vendors, sponsors, and 100’s of small businesses across the country that depend on the revenue generated through the ball community coast to coast to survive. We previously made the decision to wait for additional information from the Provincial Health Group but with the Provincial announcement that has now gone into affect January 14th we know the responsible thing to do is postpone. 
We will be opening registration for the 2021 Dome Series now scheduled for April 2nd – 4th 2021 next week. We are going to continue to work with the Provincial Health Group and we will update as we are updated. As per previous decisions no monies will be required to register, registration guarantees you first right of refusal when we get the green light. 
We remain optimistic and we are committed to a 2021 ball season; we believe it is important to keep our community engaged and hopeful and as we previously committed NSA Canada Built for Players by Players will keep ensuring we are ready to go in a moments notice in every province, territory and region across Canada. 
NSA Canada Slo-Pitch



November 20, 2020
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November 18, 2020
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November 17, 2020
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 June 03, 2020

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May 25, 2020

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May 4, 2020

NSA Canada releases guidelines for the return of Slo-pitch Leagues

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 January 01, 2020


NSA Canada has been actively monitoring the continuing evolution of bat standards and was interested to learn that USSSA has changed their commencement date of the new bat testing standards from July 2020 and has extended it to Jan 2023.

NSA Canada as a program wants to ensure that you, the participant, stay informed as to how these changes will affect you and the products you have purchased or will do so in the future for league and tourney play.

With NSA Canada and other national programs using the lower density ball, we have always been at the forefront of participant safety, which is the primary reason for these upcoming rule changes.

Whether we agree or not with the new standards due to these North American changes, it will be what the bat manufacturers will follow due to the huge influence of USSSA in the market.

These manufacturers are a major part of our program and we will ensure that as always moving forward, NSA Canada will listen to all parties involved to continue to have the best program for all.

NSA Canada is going to continue to review the situation and make an informed and final decision on the bat standards once all the information becomes available in our market.

We currently have sanctioned the new testing standard as well as the grandfathered standard till at least Jan 2023, but will reserve the right to make changes to this process moving forward based on any informed info that may arise and impact all parties.

Thank you for support and see you on the fields!

Thanks for supporting NSA Canada!


2021 League Benefits / Tournament Packages

Upcoming Events


Postponed until further notice
Okotoks, AB
Coed / Men’s /Women’s


April 02 through April 04, 2021
Multiple Ontario Venus: Whitby, London & Hamilton
Coed / Men’s / Women’s


Event #1 – May 07-09, 2021 Location – Jaycee Park Calgary, AB
Event #2 – June 04-06, 2021 Location – Jaycee Park Calgary, AB
Champions Event – July 01-04, 2021
Location – On Deck Recreational Park Okotoks, AB
Coed / Men’s / Women’s


May 21 – 24, 2021
Niagara Falls, ON
Coed / Men’s / Women’s

Registration is now open. To register for events please click on the event poster at the top of our homepage.


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