NSA Canada Approved Bat List

NSA Canada since its inception in 1997 has always adhered to the bat testing procedure commonly known as BPF 1.20 which stands for Bat Performance Factor Test. This bat testing procedure has continually evolved throughout the years.

The first test starting out as BPF 1.2, this test rounded down any softball bats that tested 1.205 and below.

The second development in the BPF test which happened in 2004 was that all BPF tested softball bats could no longer exceed 1.2 The zero was then added to the BPF 1.2 test and rounding down was no longer allowed.

The third development in the BPF bat test which took effect January 1st 2013 is much the same as the earlier second test other than now at no time during the life of the bat can it exceed 1.20. As we are all aware composite bats have always had a breaking in period to which they became livelier after the break in period. To simply explain this new test, the bat is tested until it exceeds 1.20 to which it then fails the test or the bat is tested until it breaks and if it breaks before it exceeds 1.20 it passes the new BPF 1.20 test or 220lb compression test.

The fourth development in bat testing and standards came as more league and tournament convenors wanted to ensure legal bats were being used. The compression bat testing machine which tested the compression of a BPF 1.20 softball bat became more readily available to the public. Through the testing process it was discovered when a BPF 1.20 softball bat dropped below the .220 level it would no longer pass the BPF 1.20 bat standard. Early in 2020 USSSA raised their compression standards from .220 to .240 and introduced a new NTS Tested Thumbprint logo.


NSA Canada as a program wants to ensure that you, the participant, stay informed as to how these changes will affect you and the products you have purchased or will do so in the future for league and tournament play.

With NSA Canada and other national programs using the lower density ball, we have always been at the forefront of participant safety, which is the primary reason for these recent rule changes. Whether we agree or not with the new standards due to the North American changes, it will be what the bat manufacturers will follow due to the huge influence of USSSA in the United States.

The manufacturers are a major part of our program and we will ensure that communication, safety consciousness, and the development of the game always comes first. NSA Canada will listen to all parties involved to continue to have the best program for all.

We currently have sanctioned the new testing standard as well as the grandfathered standard indefinitely, but will reserve the right to make changes to this process moving forward based on any informed information that may arise and impact all parties.

Thank you for supporting NSA Canada and see you on the fields!


As of January 1st 2023, bats approved for play made by our approved manufactures must have one or all of the following logos and must pass the 220-compression standard. All 240 bats and or 220 bats with the approved logo are subject to the same testing standard. We will continue to allow all 2012 stamped bats for the foreseeable future subject to passing the 220lb compression test.

For approved senior events only

NSA Bat Policy

NSA Canada is proud to announce its new bat policy for 2012 and beyond, please follow the links to:

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