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As a National Slo-Pitch Athletic Enterprises of Canada Inc. (hereinafter called “NSA Canada”) sanctioned umpire and Association member, I agree to uphold the rules and behavior as stated in the current addition of the NSA Canada rulebook and umpire guidelines. NSA Canada provides a sports accident and liability policy for any NSA Canada sanctioned amateur officials. This includes out of pockets sports accident and liability coverage. We feel our NSA policy provides the best coverages to our amateur officials with the Liability Policy being at 5 million per occurrence. For further details on coverage please go to the insurance information go the Insurance tab on our homepage.

Please note ** There is no form of wage loss insurance associated with this insurance program**

I also understand that I am an amateur official and are not employed by NSA Canada or any sanctioned leagues or tournaments. As such I am considered an independent contractor or compensated volunteer and are responsible for any income paid to me. I am also aware and agree that I am responsible for my own WCB coverage and remittance if I wish to have coverage while umpiring.

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  1. The rules governing the association are solely for the purpose of regulating this agreement and it remains the sole responsibility of me to act and govern myself in such a manner as to be responsible for my own safety.
  2. The risk of injury from the activities involved in this program is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death. While rules, equipment, training and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of injury does exist.
  3. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES or others, and assume full responsibility for my participation.
  4. I assume the risks and waive notice of all conditions, dangers or otherwise, in or about the course of performing my accepted umpire assignments. I agree that this Release shall bind my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees. I have read this Release and understand it.
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NSA Umpires Association

Code of Conduct 2023

  1. To make sure that every participant has an equal opportunity to enjoy the game and is given an equal chance to perform to the best of their ability, within the limits of the rules.
  2. To not permit, support, or participate in any kind of intimidation to any participant or spectator either by words or by action. I will conduct myself in a manner that does not tolerate or excuse unacceptable conduct toward myself, other officials, participants, spectators, venue staff or NSA Canada personnel.
  3. To be responsible to end any situation that threatens the safety of the participants or spectators.
  4. To strive to create and maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for competition for all participants.
  5. 5. To be consistent and objective in calling all infractions, regardless of my personal feelings toward a team or individual athlete. To handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.
  6. To remain open to constructive criticism and show respect and consideration for different points of view. I will be open to discussion and contact with the athletes before and after the game.
  7. To obtain proper annual training, attend available clinics, and to read the rule book routinely.
  8. To act in a professional and constructive manner and use sound judgement before posting on social media while representing NSAUA and/or NSA Canada. To be polite and respectful of any individual opinion, especially when discussions become heated. To be respectful of all individuals and communities that I interact with on social media while protecting the NSAUA and/or NSA Canada brands.
  9. To arrive at my game sober and with a clear mind. I will not become intoxicated from any substance while I am still performing my responsibilities as an umpire and while I am in my umpire uniform.
  10. To always act professional and do my best to protect both the NSA Umpires Association and NSA Canada in whole.
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1. How many times may a starting player re-enter the game after being substituted for?
2. It is the top of the fifth inning and the visiting team’s pitcher is on base with two (2) out. The visiting team’s manager asks you for a temporary runner for the pitcher. Which of the following conditions are required for you to allow this temporary runner?
3. A batter hits the ball with a full, level swing and it goes straight down and it hits the strike mat and rolls to a stop 4 feet directly in front of the strike mat. What is the proper call?
4. It is the top of the fourth inning, there are runners on first and third and there is one (1) out. The batter has a two (2) ball and one (1) strike count on them when you call the next pitch a strike. The coach from third base comes down the line to home plate pointing in the air toward the pitcher and tells you "That was way over ten feet!" What is the proper call?
5. The pitcher’s box has which of the following dimensions?
6. In the bottom of the first inning of a CO-ED World Series game the lead-off male batter comes to the plate wearing a batting helmet with a cage attached. The pitcher looks at him, starts to laugh and calls him a wimp for wearing the helmet. What is the proper call?
7. It is the bottom of the third inning in a Canadian World Series game, there is one out and a runner on third base. The batter hits a long fly ball toward center field and the runner at third tags up. The center fielder runs to catch the ball but the ball bounces off of their glove and over the outfield fence. What is the proper call?
8. In a 6 and 4 co-ed game a male batter is at the plate with a 3 ball and 2 strike count and there is a female batter on deck. The next pitch falls short of the strike mat for ball four. What is the proper call?
9. The ball remains live when:
10. Which of the following is NOT grounds for protest?
11. How long must a pitcher pause before beginning each pitch?
12. The catcher’s box has which of the following dimensions?
13. There is a runner on first and one out. The batter hits a line drive into left field that bounces twice before the left fielder picks it up. The runner from first rounds second and attempts to get to third while the batter rounds first. The left fielder sees this and throws the ball toward third to try to get an out. The ball hits third base and bounces out of play. What is the proper call?
14. It is the bottom of the seventh inning, the score is tied 4 to 4, there are no outs and a runner on first. The teams have both hit four (4) home runs to this point in the game. The next batter hits a home run. What is the proper call?
15. Both teams in a co-ed slo-pitch game announce at the plate conference that they intend to use two (2) extra players (EP) for the game, one male and one female. During play the home team’s male EP is ejected. The home team has no substitutes available for this player at the time of the ejection. What is the proper ruling?
16. There is a runner at first and one out. The batter hits a pitched ball while his / her foot is in contact with the strike mat. The ball bounces directly to the shortstop. The first baseman trips the runner coming from first and the shortstop easily throws him / her out at second. What is the proper call?
17. What is the maximum arc allowed on a pitch in slo-pitch?
18. A batter comes up to home plate and asks you if the bat he is using is legal. You look at the bat and see that it has the words “Official Softball” marked on it, is 33 inches long, marked as BPF 1.20, weighs 36 ounces and has tape on the small end of the bat that extends 20 inches. What is the proper call?
19. In which of the following situations is the infield fly rule in effect?
20. The top of the third inning is about to start and batter A steps in the batter’s box and hits the first pitch for a single. Batter C then steps into the batter’s box and takes strike one. The home team’s manager then asks for time and points out that batter B is supposed to be up not batter C. What is the proper call?
21. What is the minimum amount of time to be allowed by the umpire for a player to cover a wound?
22. You are umpiring a round-robin game at the Canadian Co-Ed World Series and after seven (7) innings the score is tied. What is the proper call?
23. What is the minimum fence distance for a co-ed game?
24. There is one out and runners at first and second in a co-ed slo-pitch game. A female batter bunts the first pitch, starts running toward first base, dropping her bat in front of home plate without looking down. The ball spins upon contact with the ground and strikes the dropped bat in fair territory. What is the proper call?
25. There is a runner at second and two out. The batter hits a ground ball to the third base person who then throws toward first base. The throw is low and goes through the first base person and strikes the first base coach who is standing in the coach’s box and does not see the throw coming at him / her. What is the proper call?
26. Which of the following is NOT considered appropriate NSA Canada umpire attire?
27. There are runners at first and second with two out. The batter hits the ball into right field and the right fielder throws his/her glove at the ball as it is rolling to the fence and the glove hits the ball. What is the proper call?
28. What is the minimum age for participation in an NSA Canada sanctioned event?
29. What is the highest co-efficient ball permitted in NSA World Series play?
30. There is a runner on first and one out. The batter hits a ground ball to the third base person who scoops up the ball and throws to second well in advance of the runner getting to second. The second base person then takes two steps off second toward the pitcher’s mound and turns to throw to first for the double play. The runner from first veers in front of the second base person intentionally putting themselves in a direct line between first base and the second base person attempting to make the throw. The throw from the second base person hits the runner and rolls to the pitcher’s mound. What is the proper call?
31. What is the maximum number of warm up pitches a pitcher is allowed at the start of a half-inning in a slo-pitch game?
32. What are the proper dimensions of an NSA Canada strike mat?
33. A batter comes up to home plate and asks you if the bat he is using is legal. You look at the bat and see that it has the words “Official Softball” marked on it, is 33 inches long, marked as BPF 1.20, weighs 36 ounces and has tape on the small end of the bat that extends 12 inches but the bat is covered in pine tar from the tip of the bat to the end of the knob. What is the proper call?
34. There is a runner at third and one out. The batter hits a fly ball to left field and the runner at third tags up with their foot on the base. The left fielder attempts to catch the fly ball but it hits in his/her glove and bounces out. The centre fielder who was covering the play then catches the ball before it hits the ground. In the meantime, the runner at third left the base when the ball bounced out of the left fielder’s glove and crosses home plate without a throw. The pitcher then asks the centre fielder for the ball and appeals that the runner at third left early. What is the proper call?
35. It is the top of the fourth inning, there is one out and there is a runner on second. The next batter in the line-up enters the right-hand batters box and you say “play ball” to the pitcher. The pitcher pitches the ball and just as the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand you see the runner leave second base. What is the proper call?
36. A pitcher must take a step as part of his/her delivery.
37. An inning consists of 3 outs.
38. The use of profanity toward an official in an NSA sanctioned game results in an immediate ejection of the offending player.
39. Umpires cannot be changed during the course of a game.
40. All bases must be touched by all runners once the home plate umpire has declared a four-base award.
41. The ball is dead and not in play when the umpire declares an “Infield Fly”.
42. A baserunner is awarded the base they were running toward when obstructed in a run-down.
43. The batter is delaying getting in the batter's box. After five (5) seconds, the umpire orders the pitcher to pitch and calls the pitch either a ball or strike, depending on the location of the pitch.
44. Any errors in the setup and dimensions of the diamond are corrected as soon as they are noticed.
45. Any umpire on the field can call an infield fly.
46. It is the bottom of the fourth inning in a game at the Co-Ed World Series and the score is 17 to 4 for the home team. There are no outs and runners on first and second. The home team has hit four (4) home runs to this point in the game. The next batter hits a home run. Game over, final score 19 to 4.
47. The base path is three (3) feet wide.
48. The lines are considered to be part of the batter’s box.
49. All defensive players must use a baseball glove when playing the field.
50. Players in the starting lineup are officially in the game once the lineup card has been presented to the home plate umpire.