Player Classification Change Request

NOTE that all questions must be answered and required information must be provided for your request to be considered. Failure to provide all required information will result in your request being automatically denied.

Application Fee - $12.00 Includes all applicable taxes

Orders Will Not Be Processed Until Payment Is Received

It is NSA Canada’s desire to make sure that all participants play on an equal and level playing field. To this end we are constantly reviewing player rankings across all organizations to help us determine what level a player should be playing at. NSA Canada does reserve the right to make a final decision on where you, the player should play with regards to rankings. In order to accomplish this monumental task we ask that you provide as much information as possible regarding you request to be reviewed.
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Current Ranking with NSA Canada:
Current Ranking with any other Governing Bodies other than NSA Canada/what governing bodies:
List all current or past teams played for in the last 3 years/divisions played on these teams/state whether tournament or league team:
Major events attended in the last 3 years such as provincials / worlds / nationals in any organization/what division played at the events:
Reason for ranking change request: IE) Major debilitating injury / advanced age / minimum 3 years no longer playing at higher level )


1) Failure to supply all information requested will result in request being automatically denied.

2) False statements or “leaving out” information will result in request being automatically denied.

3) NSA Canada’s decision will be final, this is your chance to convince us that you need to be moved for the betterment of our game, be convincing and provide info to back up your statements.

4) Requests for ranking changes will only be accepted between October 15th and June 15th of the following year.

5) NSA Canada will contact you if additional information is required.