Player Registration

Player Classification Guidelines

NSA Canada is committed to addressing the issue of player classification and tournament seating. We acknowledge that if a person or persons wants to elude the system, they will endeavour to find a way, we will make this as difficult as possible. NSA will continue to update and address any issues that may arise during enforcement of this new policy.

All participants in World Series and or Provincial events must be registered with our online player carding program. Individual NSA tournaments have the right and the ability to require that participants be registered and may do so at their discretion.

  1. NSA Canada reserves the right to move players up or down based solely on NSA Canada’s opinion. Players have the right to file an appeal of their carded status. Each appeal will be individually addressed, and a ruling made based on all facts put forward by the individual.
  2. For World Series and Provincial events, a team will be allowed a maximum of 2 players from the next player classification directly above their own team’s division/classification. Individual qualifying tournament conveyors are allowed to set their own guidelines on the allowable amounts in order to guarantee the success of their event.
  3. Player carding classification should be based on the number of events they have played prior to carding with NSA Canada and the level that they competed in. If a player has been rated by another slo-pitch program, they must apply for the highest level played.
  4. Once you are registered on the NSA Canada Player Classification system if you move up in level of play it is the players responsibility to notify NSA Canada.  If the player fails to notify NSA, they could be deemed an illegal player if protested.
  5. Each individual’s name will be listed on our website and accessible to the public. The only information viewable on the web will be players name, city, province, and classification.
  6. Each individual player who registers must have a valid email address and will be sent confirmation once their name has been added to the Player Classification List. Players falsifying email addresses or personal addresses will be suspended.
  7. The player classification choices will be as follows: A, B, C, D, E, REC. Please choose from one of these classifications.

If this program is to be effective there must be a consequence for failure to comply. NSA Canada’s online player carding system is to ensure all teams are honest and play in the division equal to their calibre. The onus is on the coach/manager as to what category they intend to apply for.

Should a team be discovered playing in a division or divisions beneath their level the coach/manger will be ejected from the event without any appeal process being available. Please note: if the coach/manger is not an active playing member of the team then the number four batter will also be suspended at the time of the enforcement of this policy.

If the team remains too strong, then subsequent players will be removed from the line-up until team is in the proper division to which they registered. NSA Canada or the tournament convenor also has the right to eject the team from the event if it is deemed in the best interest of the event – with no refund.

Although these measures seem drastic, they are intended for the minority of teams whose intent is to play below their team’s calibre. NSA Canada will strive to create an even playing field for all teams and protect the honest teams that rely on our program to establish fair play.

Any player wishing to be reviewed for the reason of dropping in play level must apply to NSA Canada by submitting the ‘Player Classification Change Request‘ form.

“NSA Canada’s objective is to ensure that every person has an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy the game”

Disclaimer: Please note if you have an existing profile and need an email address or personal information updated (not including ranking adjustments) send an email to: [email protected]. Having multiple profiles and or providing false information could result in a lifetime suspension with NSA Canada Slo-Pitch.

The Player Classification System is set up to treat every player equally regardless of caliber, race, or gender. A gender and caliber is selected by the player when registering for the first time with NSA Canada. These selections made by the player determine, division(caliber) and gender the player has selected, therefore they must participate within those selections with NSA Canada. If any player wishes to change caliber or gender the are required to fill out the Player Classification Change Request located on the website.