NSA Canada Slo-Pitch Announces 2024 World Series and Provincial World Series Events!!

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch and its premiere sponsors Lanctot Distribution (Louisville / Wilson / Demarini),  Northam Beverages (PYUR Vodka Soda / Hey Y’all / Lonetree Cider), Great Western Breweries / GW Light Slo-Pitch / and Original 16 are proud to announce our NSA Canada Slo-Pitch World Series and major series events schedule.

The team has worked hard to ensure these events are scheduled as early as possible to allow “Built by Players for Players” Nation time to plan and organize participation in the best Tournament Program in Canada!

A very special shout out to the Provincial Directors and to the great facilities management teams at the venues for the 2024 events, none of this would be possible without the support and the commitment to our game and brand.

*Tournament Capital Ranch Kamloops: https://www.kamloops.ca/recreation-culture/parks-sports-fields/tournament-capital-ranch

*Turner Park Hamilton: https://www.hamilton.ca/

* Lakefront West Park Diamonds Oshawa: https://www.oshawa.ca/en/parks-recreation-and-culture/ball-diamond-rentals.aspx

All events are on the home page for viewing and registration is now open for all events: https://nsacanada.ca/

We look forward to seeing you at an NSA World Series Event or Series in 2024!!

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch

“Built by Players for Players”


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