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Slo Pitch for Awareness

SPFA is a series of tournaments run by Awareness Athletics Inc. Their goals are to raise Autism awareness by spending time at each tournament talking about Autism to the participants, to raise understanding by educating people on the facts of Autism and to hopefully help people with Autism gain acceptance.

After that the next goal is to raise funds for families. To accomplish this, they take donations. Every dollar donated goes directly to assist a person with Autism. SPFA also will top up that number from their profits.

SPFA is a business that is doing what they can to help families of Autism.

To Quote Ritch Holland, it’s been an incredible run to partner with NSA Canada the past number of years and we look forward to continuing to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

To learn more about this wonderful partner of NSA please visit:

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NSA Canada Slo-Pitch 2024 Major Events Update!!

NSA Canada Slo-Pitch                                                                                                                                                          May 4th 2024   We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued support